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Lady in the Water

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Temptation can come in many forms, but this one is especially deadly.

The Greatest Horror Film Ever Made

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Dance of the Porcelain Demons

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Once upon a time... There was a little girl named Clara and her parents loved her very much. Her mother doted on her and her father treated her as his little princess, but things were not as they appeared... ​ One fateful Christmas morning, Clara receives a pair of beautiful porcelain dolls, a soldier and ballerina. Clara slowly begins to lose control of herself, acting out in ways neither she nor her parents understand. Her parents frantic attempts to help only push Clara further into the dolls cold porcelain embrace. As Clara's world unravels she is left with one question, whether to fight her demons or dance with them. ​ Finally, their world shatters forever...

Spiritual Practice

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An exorcist in training, attempts to expel a demon from a young woman. A new take on the demonic possession story.

Horror Talk With Kristin West #1- The Michael Moutsatsos Interview

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THE Horror Talk Show for the Horror Community
We chat up Michael Moutsatsos, director and lead actor of "The Butcher". He talks about his journey directing this gory feature film, how he casts and what it's like to lead and star in your own movie, plus the gift of humility.