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The Picture

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Fabulous at Any Cost?
A terrifying reimagining of Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' with female protagonists living now. Beatrix Callow photographed Amanda Bleu 30 years ago, imbuing the image with feelings she dared not speak aloud. Now, Beatrix looks older, and Amanda appears... unchanged. And the secret of why could be too much for anyone to survive.

Those Beautiful Moments

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"Those beautiful moments" tells the story of a scientist on the search for eternal beauty and life.


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Things turn deadly when a woman attempts to help a lost, mute child and her companion — a disquieting doll.
A creepy kid, a sinister doll, and a kitchen knife -- what could possibly go wrong? Madeline, an adult survivor of abuse, is about to find out when discovers, Mia, an odd child and her lifelike companion, a doll named Leora. Madeline believes she must protect the child she perceives as even less fortunate than herself. Her sacrifice to save another might just outweigh the good deed!


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nothing is like you see...
Fourth chapter of the Psycho Horror saga created by Francesco Longo We are in a city park, a brutal murder has just been committed. The killer wears an executioner's mask. A man is awakened tied to a chair in a cellar and ...

The Tell-Tale Heart - a musicabre

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A musical adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's gothic horror story. A man is so disturbed by an old man's "vulture eye" he resolves to murder and dismember him. But the murderer is driven to madness and confession by the incessant beating of the victim's heart under the floor boards.