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Love Me Not

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'In dating scene where a swipe of the finger determines someone's worthiness of love, a few hearts are bound to be broken. For Jenny, heartbreak is all to familiar. Used by countless partners for their own personal gains, her hair has been shattered one too many times...but this is Valentine's Day, Jenny is going to teach them a lesson...because there is only so much a girl can take before she finally just snaps.'


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"Escape Room" is an award winning film (best screenplay, best editing, nominated for best film, best music score and best acting) about a brilliant student who is bullied in high school and suffers from OCD reluctantly joins her popular friends at a horror-themed Escape Room game. When the group realizes that a revenge-seeking Game Master has set them up in a custom-made deadly trap, the five teenagers start turning on each other. They have to join forces in order to get out of the room alive. The theme involves love, trust, teen issues and the importance of friendship. It is our hope to inspire audiences to pursue the idea of standing up for one another when confronted with adversities caused by a valued one.

Sleep Tight

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It's not the bed bugs who bite!
When a wheelchair-bound teen is put to bed by his overly attached father, he complains about personal space. However, when the lights go out, he'll soon discover that it's not the bed bugs that bite!

Ready For My Close Up

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An ordinary day for Nurse Rose turns disastrous when she meets Nurse Becca but the horror does not stop there when Becca enters the home of fading B Movie actress Megs Topplethwaite and the real life horrors soon become apparent.