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One wild lie can tear your family apart.
A horror story inspired by the mythology of werewolves in Haiti. Taking place in New Orleans, a rebellious teenager desperate for a night of freedom tries to sneak out of the house until he is stopped by a threatening figure.


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Eye for an eye...
A woman is abused by her partner, with physical and psychological violence. So, after suffering the umpteenth violence, the apparently "normal" girl will turn out to be what she really is.

The Hole

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Sally is young woman grappling with eating disorders. She is obsessed with her own body image. One day, a hole appears on her body, triggering a set of events that will make her worst nightmares come true.


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A young woman facing the shock of a toxic relationship recounts the tale of how she developed an unusual quality: menstrual blood that's corrosive to everything but her own body.


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Be careful who you rent from...
Brandon and Holly are trying to fix their relationship by renting a secluded cabin for the weekend. What they don't know is that their vacation is quickly about to turn into a nightmare.