Short Block #2

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The Dream Eater

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In a popular tale, a monster devours nightmares to survive. Somehow, a frightened Grandfather is about to discover the scary reality.
Recently widowed, Abe, a lonely grandfather welcomes his granddaughter, Mathilde, to spend an enjoyable weekend at his house. The little girl, like her grandma, is fascinated by the legend of the Dream Eater, a creature that feeds on people’s nightmares. Although Mathilde has never really had the opportunity to know the complete story, she counts on this visit to learn more about it. Strangely the old man is reluctant and appears to be hiding a bigger secret. Why is the house full of alarm clocks set to ring every 30 min? What is this ancient book no one is allowed to open?

Shiny Diamonds

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Valerie has a job to do, but Todd is playing games. And there is something lurking in the night that doesn't like to lose.


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Dave is a middle aged, unemployed family man with an obsession for how his front lawn looks. When he learns that his flamboyant neighbor, Brian, has planted a new rose bush in his front yard it sends Dave into a competitive frenzy. With his neighbor one step ahead of him at every turn, Dave sees no choice but to destroy the new rose bush and silence Brian once and for all.


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The truth is always in the place you're too afraid to look.
After a self-destructive bender, Rebecca receives a threatening phone call from her "beloved." She begins to fear that before the night is through, she'll have to face the consequences of her actions.


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Some women were born to be mothers
“When Jillian leaves an abusive relationship, she finds refuge in the home of her dear friends, Nadia and Richard. What should be a safe haven for Jillian soon becomes a nightmare when she discovers that the fate of the unborn child she carries hangs in the balance, and that her own safety is governed by Nadia obsessive devotion to a mysterious Vodou doll in the basement.”